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Baby in Car Sticker Decals Safety Signs Baby on Board for Cars 7''X6.5'' Waterproof Shiny Reflective Material (White) Last for 6 Yr (Buy 1 Get 1)
  • APPLICATION: Indoor Outdoor Use, Self Adhesive Car Decals Can be Easy Applied to Any Clean, Smooth, All Types of Flat Surface ,Car Stickers,Laptops, Lockers,Binders, Metal, Wood
  • QUALITY: Highest Quality Outdoor Grade Reflective Vinyl on the Market, Guarantee for 6 Years, Will Last for Many Years without Fading, Peeling, or Cracking
  • DIE CUT DECAL: ( NO Background, and NOT Printed )Decal Will Come as 3 Parts - the Paper, the Sticker Itself, and the Clear Transfer Tape, Self Sticking Vinyl Decal
  • YOU WILL GET: 2 Pieces Different Car Decals from Fanco(2 in 1)
  • Toy
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NEW DESIGN: Reflective and Magnetic Baby on Board Sign for Your Car or Auto (2 Pack) by Bayamo
  • PROMOTES DRIVER AWARENESS: Baby on board sign is large (5 inch x 5 inch) and eye catching making your vehicle stand out amongst all other vehicles on the road. Promotes safe driving awareness and caution. Most importantly, sign notifies impatient drivers and first responsders that a baby is a passenger.
  • HIGHLY REFLECTIVE AND DURABLE: Baby on board sign becomes more reflective at low light when illuminated by a light source such as automobile head lights and street lights. Weather Proof, UV Resistant, made of premium quality materials.
  • CAUTION: Follows the US standard traffic color sign and shape. Instead of bright yellow #FFFF00 caution color you use to see on older roadway signs, we moved toward the use of #FFCC00 to slightly better match the shade of most common yellow retroreflective sheetings you see on today's roadways. COLOR: Yellow stands for caution. A yellow traffic sign serves as a general warning. SHAPE: A diamond always warns of possible hazards ahead.
  • MAGNETIC: Easily transfer the Baby on Board sign to multiple vehicles or car rentals when traveling with your baby. Simply clean the vehicles metallic surface and attach the magnet. Ensure the magnet is visible and attached firmly to a metal surface. The magnet is quite strong, reassuring parents that the sign will not easily fall off or move.
  • GIFT READY: Great as a baby shower gift. This cute baby on board sign comes in a pack of 2, one for mommy and daddy.
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Funny Car Window Laptop Vinyl Decal Baby on Board Hangover Sign Sticker, 6"
  • High Quality Water Resistant Vinyl that is made here in the USA
  • The Perfect Sized Bumper Stickers Will Show your humorous side of your personality.
  • Easily to install sticker that makes it a good gift.
  • This funny decal will get a laugh from anyone driving behind you. Decorations that are giving your car more personality.
  • 100% Money Back If You Are Not 100% Satisfied. No Questions Asked.
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Baby On Board Sticker Car Sign, COOODI Kids On Board Vehicle Car Window Warning Safety Suction Sticker for Smart Parents, Unobstructed View, Stays On, Removable And Will Not Fade
  • Reflective day and night Baby on Board sign, alerts drivers of the precious cargo in your vehicle and to use extra caution.
  • Bright yellow colour which is easily noticed.
  • Package including 2 Count Inspiration 5"x5" "Baby On Board" Sign
  • Strong Suction Cup make it more stable and Heat resistance
  • Includes 1 Year warranty! Suitable for both boys and girls as one.
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Aaron White Baby in Car (Girl) Baby Safety Sign Car Sticker, Car Decal Sticker (1-Pack)
  • Decal Size: 6.7 inch x 5.5 inch (17cm x 14cm)
  • Made from professional grade graphic vinyl
  • Easy to apply and remove. Glue mark can be easily removed with water. Color: as picture shows
  • Apply outside the window. You may mount the decal on any smooth surface.

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