Bestseller Nr. 1
Setup of Home Theater System
  • Installation of 1 customer-supplied audio/video devices for your home theater setup needs
  • Programming new home theater remote, if applicable
  • Unit testing and clean up
  • Providing use, care and cleaning instructions once the home theater setup service is completed
AngebotBestseller Nr. 2
Arlington TVBU810-1 TV Box with Flange for Home Theater Installations, 8 x 10, White, 1-Pack
  • Intended for Home Theater Installations in new or retrofit work
  • Accepts standard-style plates with receptacles and decorator style devices with plates
  • Supplied with cover blanks, wall plate, cable entry device and cable connectors for unused openings
  • 1-1/2-inch knockout for ENT or other low-voltage wiring
  • UL and CSA Listed for a complete and professional installation - Made in USA
Bestseller Nr. 3
TV Wall Mounting - 51-65 inches, Customer Bracket, Cords Concealed in Cord Cover
  • Installation of 1 customer-supplied TV mounting bracket
  • Securing the TV and load testing the hardware
  • Cord concealment within provider-supplied cover
  • TV cannot be mounted above a fireplace
  • TV mounting is for drywall only
Bestseller Nr. 4
  • Identification of best location for projector installation
  • Mounting of 1 customer-supplied projector and projector mount to ceiling
  • Assessment of proper ventilation
  • Unit test with picture alignment and focus
Bestseller Nr. 5
  • Connecting 1 customer-supplied sound bar to 1-3 devices
  • Neatly tying or concealing all wires
  • Testing system and sound quality
  • Demonstrating proper usage and maintenance

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